Toronto Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo 2018

Jul 4, 2018 | 0 comments

It has been another busy month with the start of summer and we’ve been working hard to develop new content. However, we still wanted to share with everyone the fantastic time we had last month attending the Lift & Co. Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. More than 19,000 attendees turned out with booths and crowds stretching end to end, the biggest event of its kind in the country. Before the consumer tradeshow began, there was an Industry Day on Friday. This is a day for cannabis professionals and industry leaders to network and exchange ideas before the floor opened up to the general public on Saturday and Sunday.

We kicked off the day by sitting in on a presentation, which we highly recommend at these events for getting all the latest tips and techniques to infuse food with cannabis. There were 23 presentations that took place on the MedReleaf Demo Stage including progressive discussions, advice on how to elevate meals and showcasing the latest equipment and gadgets in the industry. The foodies in us especially loved a live cannabis cooking demo that featured a traditional levantine hummus made with a lemon black pepper infused olive oil. A nice feature added this year to give attendees the ability to chill out and relax was a massive vapor lounge allowing you to test and compare the latest vaporizes and pens on the market.

There were a ton of awesome exhibitors this year including licensed producers, commercial growing equipment and extraction companies, as well as several new faces to the game. It was a terrific opportunity to not only chat with exhibitors, but also talk face to face with some of the progressive thinkers and top industry leaders. Chatting with some of the American companies who have made the trip to showcase their products was an learning experience. Only being allowed to operate within legal states means it’s difficult for them to grow their businesses – Canada’s future legal market could surely change that. There was a total of 260 exhibitors showcased on the trade show floor with over 220,000 square feet of space filled. Some of types of exhibitors include:

Vape Pens
Silk Screen Printing
Pre Rolls
Product Packaging
Distillation Machines
Glass Artists

Licensed Producers
Seed Companies
Cultivation Supplies
Growing Equipment & Supplies

No matter what interests you, it’s safe to say there is a booth with something for just about everyone, even a doctor onsite to help new patients obtain medical cards. With so many companies developing new products we couldn’t help but get up close and personal with some of the newest gadgets on the market. There are some incredible companies producing what can only be described as works of art in the field of extraction technology. With some of the hand blown glass reaching a price tag of upwards of $200,000 it might be best to leave these toys for the mad scientists.

This years expo was without a doubt a success! It’s an amazing sight to see an evolving industry with such a great community of people coming together under one roof. You can literally feel the energy in the air with Canada’s upcoming legalization closing in. It was inspiring to meet so many enthusiastic people showing off their companies innovative products. We are so grateful to have had the experience to attend the event and chat with those making a difference in the industry. It was inherently clear that everyone was there to have a good time and boost one another up, as we embark on a new chapter for Cannabis in our country! 

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