Rolling Trays: When Function Meets Design

Feb 12, 2018 | 0 comments

Everyone at one point or another has had their coffee table covered in loose rolling papers, ground herb and an array of other smoking accessories. In the past we’ve found it difficult to keep everything clean, as things can get messy real fast. We’ve quickly realized the best way to keep our coffee table tidy and uncluttered is the trusted rolling tray! This keeps our smoking supplies organized and gives us back that precious coffee table real-estate. Recently, we begun experimenting with trays made of different materials that feature unique styles in order to decide what works best for us.

As we all know, there are plenty of different trays on the market aimed at the smoking connoisseur, but what makes a good rolling tray? It can be hard to find a tray that not only holds up to daily use, but fits with your own individual style. This is why we try to keep an open mind, which usually ends with us finding trays in places we don’t necessarily expect, like thrift stores and home decor sections. The usefulness of our trays depends on a lot more than just style. There are trays with ample room for rolling, some have compartments and others just look really good. It never hurts to have some options and seeing as how there is never a tray that does it all, its nice to have a few styles to choose from.

Black Palm

We picked this one up at a unique import store called Primitive Designs at the side of the road. Made from Black Palm this tray is very unique with spotted grains and is extremely durable. Having hard fibres makes this tray indestructible, which is what make this such a difficult wood to work with. This unique handcrafted piece delivers rich wooden textures that really stand out on our coffee table. The corners are nicely angled and the wood itself is heavy, making it very comfortable for rolling on your lap. When it comes to comfortability and durability, this one will always remain one of our favourites.

Exotic Wood

Who doesn’t like a large surface when rolling a blunt? This tray features the ability to house your unique coffee table pieces, while providing more real-estate that most other trays. We picked this one at HomeSense and definitely don’t regret it. Made from a strong exotic wood, it is light weight and has steep sides, preventing any unwanted spills. It has the option to fit just about anything on it, making it easy to pass to your neighbour – an excellent choice when sharing amongst friends!

Cherry Wood

Easily one of the most unique trays we have, this one is truly a work of art. This piece has been custom made to house our favourite rolling supplies by a local artisan that goes by the name The Bearded Spoon. He’s a dedicated craftsman that is mastering the technique of hand carving rolling trays, pipes and wooden spoons. His expertise in crafting unique custom made pieces allows you to choose from a variety of exotic woods with your own individual compartments. The bottom features a stunning carved texture to improve grip and gives it that personal touch. We’ve been using this tray for a while now and can say it is well worth the money to have not only a functioning tray, but a work of art. We absolutely love the look, but also how well it functions. With a durable design, plenty of room for prep and the ability to hold all our materials, we will be using this tray for decades to come.

Faux Marble

Sometime we find trays like this where we least expect it – we stumbled upon this tray in the home collection from President’s Choice. This one is interesting as it is made from a composite material that resembles marble and was super affordable at twelve dollars. We love the clean and modern look and unlike real marble, its extremely light weight. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a bag and take on-the-go. The marble look allows it to be used for multiple purposes and works great in just about any setting. This simple contemporary piece makes for an excellent way to roll in style.

White Porcelain

An excellent thrift store find at a bargain price of just three dollars. When it comes to being discreet, this one is our favourite. Made of white porcelain this tray is both clean and elegant. It works well in any setting and trays just like it are both affordable and easy to find. Being the smallest tray we own, its nice and compact and one we couldn’t do without in our collection.

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