About Us

The Sativa is a Niagara, ON based woodworking business dedicated to creating quality handmade home goods and kitchenwares.  Designed to be both beautiful and functional, the goal is to produce items that inspire others and evoke feelings in the small moments of life.
The business started out of a need to step away from the conventional career path to focus on fulfilling two creative souls. The choice to work with wood was simple, it is beautiful and has organic qualities that result in a one-of-a-kind piece every single time, no matter the design. After many late nights of brainstorming and collaboration, couple team, Andrew and Heather decided to take what was a hobby and turn it into something much more.

Andrew, an Ecologist and long time horticulturalist, felt pulled back to his woodworking roots that came about during his time spent building guitars. His partner Heather is a professional designer who has always had a love of all things crafty and handmade. Together they have combined their passions to build The Sativa into a business that creates timeless pieces that add style to any home.

Thank you for following along on our journey!