Leafy Green Summertime Mojito Mocktails

Jul 21, 2018 | 0 comments

It’s clear the warm weather is here to stay and we’re keeping cool this summer by experimenting with some refreshing infused mocktails! Mojitos are definitely in our top three summer drinks, tied closely with chilled white wine or a crisp cider. As you may know by now, we spend a great deal of time in the garden and love growing lots of herbs for cooking. This year we were given a mint plant by family and having bought the wrong variety for making mojitos in the past, we were excited to find out it was spearmint! We’re all about incorporating fresh herbs into our food and drinks, not to mention they look beautiful and taste great!

There are so many tinctures available that come in both CBD and THC that help make for an easy and creative transition into the world of infused drinks and meals. When looking for some options, Stashclub was a great place to start as they have an excellent selection to choose from. We quickly took notice of a flavoured Indica Spearmint Tincture from Apothecary that includes 310MG THC / 15.5MG CBD. The spearmint tincture made it easy to create a delicious mint flavour without the chance of over-muddling the mint that can lead to a grassy or chlorophyl like taste. If you’ve ever had a poorly made mojito, then you’d know exactly what we mean. Taking out the alcohol and adding in the spearmint tincture also meant we could drink it at any point in the day. I’ll cheers to that!

Adding lots of ice to the mojitos made them light and refreshing, but also helped to balance the mint and citrus flavours as it melted. It is always best to start with a few drops of tincture and add more as needed. If you’re lucky enough to have fresh mint and cannabis leaves be sure to use the sprigs as garnish, because it not only looks pretty, but also reminds your guests that their drinking an infused mocktail. If you’re looking to create your own summer drinks or simply infuse your favourite meal with tincture be sure to check out Stashclub and use SATIVASTASH to receive 15% off your order. Creating our own version of this summer time classic has made for the perfect way to relax and enjoy the summer with friends and family. Be sure to check out our simple recipe below!


1/2 a lime cut into wedges
2 heaping teaspoons sugar (or more to taste)
Apothecary Spearmint Tincture (1ml – 2ml) or to dose
10-12 mint leaves
Ice Cubes
Club Soda
Cannabis and Mint Leaves and Lime wedges for garnish


To make the Mojitos:

  1. Place lime wedges, sugar and tincture in a a tall glass. Using the muddler or a spoon crush until limes have released juices and combined with sugar and tincture.
  2. Rub the mint leaves between your hand slightly to bruise and release oils. Rub one on the rim and then place all in the glass.
  3. Use a spoon to gently stir in the leaves, you don’t want to over do it here!
  4. Top up the glass with ice and then pour club soda over until full.
  5. Stir again until everything is mixed.
  6. Garnish with cannabis, mint leaves and lime wedge – Enjoy!

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