Keeping The ‘Craft’ In Cannabis

Oct 30, 2018 | 0 comments

We’ve all heard the term “craft cannabis” referring to a small operation that produces quality cannabis. This term suggests a high attention to detail, patience and care – the very same craftsmanship that artists use to create their works. The new legal industry is on the rise and it’s very clear that cannabis is without a doubt going to become synonymous with Canadian culture. With this new realization comes the opportunity for those to help keep the craft side of the cannabis culture alive by expressing themselves through their experiences with cannabis.

With the Government creating strict rules on cannabis, it’s no surprise the handcrafted element is being removed from the process. Not allowing smaller craft grows to operate, as well as preventing the marketing and branding of cannabis products, makes it tricky to work within the new framework.

The craft element is something that we hold dear to our heart, because it shows a level of skill, commitment and caring. Many of these ideas are lost in the hands of big businesses, as we are all aware quantity overrides quality. Purchasing cannabis through government sites only works to eliminate the ‘craft’ element. You can’t touch, smell or surprisingly even see it! Luckily there are several ways in which you can work within the framework to keep the handcrafted element in the cannabis industry.

3 Ways To Keep Craft In Cannabis

Art & Design

Today, there are so many artists in the community creating stunning works of cannabis art and design, many of whom are already helping to inspire others. Combining their craft and skill with inspiration that comes from cannabis has helped to produce some truly incredible pieces. We’ve been influenced by numerous artists works, including tapestries, ceramics, clothing, candles, jewelry, topicals and the list goes on – all of which show an element of craftsmanship within them.

One of the best ways to keep the ‘handcrafted’ feel in the cannabis community is to create your own art and design. As some already know, cannabis has a special way of promoting creativity and has encouraged us to make our own art, such as embroideries, paintings, cards, stamps, carvings, buttons and more! We are constantly being inspired by this spectacular plant and we feel the possibilities for making unique art and design in this industry are endless.

Growing Your Own

Taking the leap to grow your own cannabis can be both easy and rewarding. Mastering the craft is not as hard as one might think and the first time you a experience a successful harvest can be extremely gratifying. Learning the process teaches patience and how to care for something with needs outside your own. Growing cannabis from seed to harvest gives you an appreciation for not only the work that goes into it, but also for the plant itself.

In the past we had typically grown outside, but have recently made the switch to growing indoors, as this provides us the opportunity to be able to grow year-round – a privilege when its freezing here in Canada 6 months of the year. Although it can be a bit of an upfront investment, it can be well worth it in the end when you see the results, plus there’s something very rewarding about rolling up a joint of your own flower!

Infusing Edibles & Topicals

Currently, there are no edibles or topicals available on the legal market, something we personally hope changes in the near future. Edibles and topicals are a great way for those who are new to cannabis to experience it without the harm or stigma of smoking. Using flower to make infusions allows you to experiment with what works best for you – this can also be a creative way to practice cooking and perfect the art of micro-dosing.

Being lucky enough to have multiple harvests a year from our personal crop means we’re able to create infused coconut oil, olive oil and butter on a more regular basis – not to mention these also make great gifts for family and friends! Infusing your favourite recipes is a great way to create elevated dishes, because with a simple substitution you can infuse just about anything!

Legalization is finally here, so it’s very important to continue to allow a place for artisans to showcase their work and skills. Not being bound creatively by restrictive framework can allow the industry to flourish as it should and not as a monopoly. It seems as though politics have always been at the forefront of cannabis and many of the wonderful aspects of this community often become lost within the shadows. We believe those who are creative and passionate should continue to be part of the fabric that keeps this community alive. Without individuals who have dedicated themselves to perfecting the craft of cannabis, it definitely wouldn’t be where it is today!

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