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When it comes to cannabis, there is a considerable amount of information that is made available to us. As we know, it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the new and exciting changes that are happening in the industry. We are entering a time where cannabis is being praised for its beneficial properties and people’s understanding of the plant are becoming better recognized. With pending legalization here in Canada, as well as new advances in the industry, it is an exciting time to be learning about cannabis!

There is nothing we love more than filling up our shelves with great books. Our collection includes botany, art, music, design and of course cannabis. We love books that focus on the positives behind the plant and less on the politics surrounding it. That’s why when we recently stumbled across these great finds at a local bookstore we wanted to share them with you.

This Bud’s For You

by Ed Rosenthal

If you have an interest in selecting, growing and enjoying cannabis then you will surely enjoy This Bud’s For You. It is loaded with accurate, up-to-date information that offers great incite into the modern day world of cannabis. What we like most about this book is the way it features detailed information about fifty of the most mainstream strains that are great for both beginners and experienced readers. It also has a great selection of full page images that help draw you in and touches on topics like the preservation of resins, evolution of cannabis concentrates and cannabinoid science. Best of all, it focuses on what strains are most effective for the purpose of healing and not just their appearance or high THC content.

It arranges an excellent introduction into what to expect with popular strains in regard to both growing and consumption. It makes a great coffee table book and even has a helpful glossary of strains listed in alphabetical order for anyone looking to brush up on their knowledge. Shining a light on the newest topics that are surrounding the cannabis industry this book makes a great read for hobby gardeners, commercial growers or anyone that simply wants to learn more about cannabis. This one makes a great edition to our bookshelf and what we think is an awesome way to begin celebrating legalization!

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Cooking is one of our favourite hobbies, however finding a cookbook that offers something for everyone is not always easy to find. That’s why we were drawn to The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook. This book stood out on the shelf for its beautiful photos and unique, well rounded recipes created by a compilation of 12 different chefs, one barkeep and an ethnobotanist. The book begins with a bio of each of the chefs, explaining their personal journeys in the industry, as well as their contributions to the book. It was very easy to connect with their individual stories, making you want to continue searching for their recipes. There is also a lot of interesting background information on cannabis in general, as well as how it relates to cooking. In the book they mention that “Eating is not Smoking”, since the delivery process of THC in food is completely different. We believe it is important that everyone finds exactly what works best for them – not just with food but with cannabis in general, as it is extremely important to feel confident and safe with whatever you’re doing.

Once getting the breakdown on cannabis and how it relates to food, they introduce oils, butters, and other infused products, which are the essentials for creating cannabis infused food and drinks. There are multiple different recipes for each varying based on the amount of cannabis product you have and the amount of infused product you want to create. After you have made your infused products then it is time to hit up the recipes section of the cookbook, which has an awesome selection to choose from whether you decide to infuse them or not. Offering everything from breakfasts to get your day started to cocktails for happy hour. Whenever we get a craving we ask ourselves, “sweet or savoury?” and after a few flips of the pages it was clear it had a great mix of both. With a variety of wonderful healthy recipes and a few indulgent ones too, this book gives a new meaning to the saying “Feel-Good Food”.

Stay tuned as we try some recipes from this cookbook, introduce you to new books and test recipes of our own!

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