Advantages Of Using A Natural Hemp Wick

Jun 1, 2018 | 0 comments

When it came to using hemp wick in place of a lighter, we were both pretty skeptical. After all, why purchase an extra piece to go along with something that works just fine in the first place? Well, after switching full-time to using hemp wick instead of a butane lighter, we are happy to say that we are glad we made the switch. We’ve found there are several advantages compared to traditional butane lighters and we believe it is the most practical solution for anyone that enjoys consuming cannabis with a pipe or bong.

Preserving the notable terpenes in your flower is important and we’ve found that hemp wick really maintains those qualities, as it doesn’t combust your herb at such a high temperature. This takes away that harsh taste and allows you to enjoy the flavour without the strain on your lungs. Made entirely of hemp fibre and bees wax makes the product much safer and means it’s a fully renewable resource. Unlike butane lighters, which do not effectively burn all gasses released and at times the noxious effects can effectively ruin the taste of some great smelling buds.

The most notable benefit to using hemp wick is the ability to have control over your flame. Being able to corner a bowl and pinpoint hard to reach areas is extremely effective when smoking concentrates. We’ve found other benefits like sitting down with a candle and piece of hemp wick can truly enhance an already ritualistic process like meditating with hash. Being able to take it with you is another great added benefit. There are currently lots of innovative companies producing holders for lighters that allow you to wrap your hemp wick and have it easily accessible. Wrapping it around your lighter or Hemplight gives you the ability to travel almost anywhere you go!

These days it’s rare you will find us having a smoke sesh without some hemp wick near by. It not only feels good to be using something that improves our smoking habits, but is also sustainable. We can’t say that the quality of hemp wick you get wont slightly effect the taste of your bud, however we can say that anything lost is easily gained back with the absence of butane. We’ve found that using quality made hemp and bees wax can improve a smoke sesh and truly help compliment your herb. With hemp having so many amazing uses we feel silly for ever having doubted it.

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