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The Sativa is a Canadian Cannabis Lifestyle blog, created by us – Andrew and Heather! Our relationship began over 8 years ago, and after moving across the country together (twice), taking twists and turns, getting our crazy pets, we find ourselves here – sharing what inspires us most with a twist of cannabis. The idea for The Sativa was born out of a desire to share our personal perspective on a plant that brings us so much joy and creativity. By combining our skills and passions we wanted to develop a unique approach to sharing our adventure through this wonderful plant. From home goods to the foods we eat, there is always a way to infuse your life with positivity. Now let us introduce ourselves! 
Andrew here, I am the photographer, content creator, writer and green thumb at The Sativa. Gardening and the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life and they make me feel at ease no matter where I am. After working for an LP, I felt there was another side of cannabis that needed to be shared – the craft element of cannabis was something that should be encouraged and looked at in a different light. I love growing anything and everything, indoors or out, going on adventures and collecting handcrafted wooden boxes to store my stash in.
Hello there! My name is Heather and I am the other half of The Sativa. I am the stylist, creative director, recipe developer and graphic designer. Forever a creative, I am always thinking up my next big idea and have a million ways to create it. Curating and finding unique products is something I have such a passion for. If you need me I can be found cooking up delicious meals, making all forms of art or buying (way too many) house plants – if there is such a thing.
We are so thankful you are here and hope you find something to inspire your journey! 

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