5 Reasons Why Your Dog Will Love Hemp

Sep 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Everyone knows that when you get a puppy, most toys don’t hold up very long. Between chewing and teething it’s a surprise anything holds up to them. That’s why we decided to look for an alternative to the traditional cotton rope toy and decided to use a much safer alternative, hemp! Here are 5 reasons why your dog will love hemp as much as us:

1.   Non-toxic

The great thing about hemp is that it is usually grown without the need for herbicides or pesticides and is made from materials that won’t compromise your pets health. Hemp is free of harsh chemicals like dyes, that can be found in most synthetic rope toys.

2.   Mold & Mildew Resistant

Hemp is an excellent choice for outdoor toys, as it is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and immune to rotting. What also might surprise you is its ability to naturally protect itself from the effects of insects and salt water. Hemp is even able to resist fading and deterioration from sunlight, all without the need for chemicals or pollutants.

3.   Eco-friendly

Hemp is a fast growing and highly sustainable plant that grows tightly together, which helps decrease the amount of land used in production. It improves the health of soil and requires less water than most other crops. It also makes an excellent choice for cleaning contaminated soils and groundwater by extracting pollutants.

4.   Biodegradable

Hemp fibre breaks down naturally without any harmful effects to the environment, yet is still durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Unlike hemp, many synthetic products will break down and over time release toxins into the environment.

5.   Digestible

Hemp is a natural fibre that is unprocessed and short stranded, so it is safer and easier for your dog to digest. Many toys available on the market are unregulated and contain synthetic parts that can be harmful for your pet.

When it comes to our puppy, she loves to chew and so far hemp is the only rope material that is durable enough to stand up to her little chompers. After introducing her to the Good Clean Fun – Football by Boxer Tuff it was pretty clear that this toy was designed to last. It holds up really well to a good game of tug of war and she loves the smell and texture of the natural hemp. When playing outside on the grass the hemp dried quickly without any signs of mold or rotting. The texture of the hemp fibres, as well as the natural rubber ball do a great job of keeping her teeth and gums clean, not to mention it makes a great hiding spot for treats! If you’re looking for a hand-made, environmentally friendly, durable toy that will keep your dog entertained and most importantly safe, then this makes an excellent option.

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