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We believe everyone can have a personal connection with nature – be it through healing, creativity, or an elevated lifestyle. The Sativa is here to bring you handmade products, inspiration, recipes and other unique ways to infuse your life! 



Welcome To The Sativa

The Sativa is an inclusive destination for the lifestyle enthusiast. The idea evolved from a special place in our hearts where nature crosses paths with creativity and wanting to share the ways in which we infuse that into our everyday lives.

Much like a good sativa we want to bring you uplifting, positive vibes and encourage personal creativity. Our desire is to broaden perspectives on the culture itself and help break stigmas through all forms of art and design.

We hope you follow along on our journey and possibly start a new one of your own!

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Discover an assortment of beautiful handcrafted items – perfect for gifts or home decor. All products we create are made with love by yours truly in our home studio!

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There is a delicate art to mastering the technique of growing healthy cannabis seedlings. Watching your seeds grow into strong healthy plants is both a fun and rewarding experience and the feeling of harvesting something you grew is even better! The early stages in a...

Delicious CBD Infused Granola

Granola has to be one of our favourites around here, infused or not, we have some every other day (if not everyday) for breakfast or for a snack. There is something to be said about the flexibility and customization that granola gives you. We have found our preference...

Germinating Cannabis Seedlings

Traditional methods for germinating cannabis involve dropping your seed in wet soil and hoping it succeeds. This method often produces less than satisfactory results and you’re left waiting for a seedling that may never come. Using proper methods to ensure that your...

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